Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The Four Candles


Cerita ini gue ambil dari handout salah satu mata kuliah gue di semester 4, gue baca dan gue suka dan gue pengen nge post ini di blog gue

here it is, guys!

Four candles slowly burned
The ambiance was so soft, one could almost hear them talking

The first candle said : "I am peace"
"the world is full of anger and fighting. Nobody can keep me lit"

Then the flame of peace went out completely

The second candle said: “I am Faith!”

Just then a breeze softly blew Faith’s flame

Sadly the third candle began to speak: “I am Love!”
And waiting no longer Love’s flame went out

Suddenly…a child entered the room and saw the three unlit candles.
“Why aren’t you burning? You’re supposed to stay lit till the end.”
Saying this, the child began to cry

Then the fourth candle answered: “Don’t be afraid, I am Hope!”
“While I am still burning we can re-light the other candles.”

With shining eyes the child took the candle of hope and lit the other candles.

The Greatest Of These Is Love…
… but the flame of Hope should never go out of your life!

With hope each of us
can live with Peace,
Faith and Love.

“Dear God, You are my light
and salvation. You are my
hope. Please come into my
heart, forgive all my wrongs
and give me Your wonderful
gift of eternal Life. Help me be
an instrument of Your love and
cause Your light to shine on
others through me. Amien”

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